The Mendel Paradox by Nick Thacker

The Mendel Paradox by Nick Thacker

The Mendel Paradox by Nick Thacker (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Book 9)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Nick Thacker is a thriller author from Texas who lives in Colorado and Hawaii, because Colorado has mountains, microbreweries, and fantastic weather, and Hawaii also has mountains, microbreweries, and fantastic weather.

What began as neurological experimentation on apes…
…Might end with something far worse.
A company in Switzerland has been working to make the future of medicine and surgery a present-day reality. Their successes have been stacking up for over a decade, and their next project promises great things.
Until things start to go awry.
Animal experimentation has never been an easy path for medical corporations.
…Especially when those animals revolt.
A woman seeks out the help of Harvey Bennett and the CSO team to bring down an organization she believes is engaging in some questionable research.
They decide to tackle the problem head-on: to hunt down the people responsible.
But they’re not the only people — or animals — hunting.
Genetic engineering meets conspiracy technothriller in this nonstop, fast-paced action-adventure novel. A perfect blend of suspense, mystery, and thriller adventure for the armchair traveler.

The wind whipped up and caused Alina to pull her scarf higher, covering the lower portion of her face. It was cold, colder here than she’d imagined it would be. It had been years since she’d been back, years since she had left for university in faraway Geneva.

While her parents and grandparents still lived in the small mountain town, Alina had worked hard to get out and “see the world.” That world had now expanded by only a bit over 100 miles, and she still had yet to leave her country of birth. Switzerland was beautiful, no doubt, but she wanted more.

She wanted to run along the white sand beaches of the Caribbean islands, to run with the bulls in Spain, and to run down the streets of bustling New York City.

She had chosen the career path that she believed would best allow her dreams and life to collide: international affairs. It was intriguing; she had always been interested in politics and the maneuvering of multinational corporations, and she was enjoying the myriad types of people she worked and studied with in Geneva.

Alina pulled her hat down next, finding that the scarf was barely holding back the oppressive cold. In this area of the country, winter hit hard and stayed long, and if it weren’t for the necessity of spending most of their working lives outside, the inhabitants of Grindelwald would no doubt hibernate for the winter.

She picked up her pace, not an easy task during the uphill slog back to her parents’ inn. Her family owned a large, multi-bedroom chalet that they used as a rental property for income. It had been in the family for generations. If Alina hadn’t decided to run away and do something so brash as getting an education, she would have ended up running the inn and becoming a professional bed and breakfast owner.

They’d even named the place after her — Alina’s — when she was born.

Her family didn’t despise her choice of career, nor did they wish for her to fail. But she knew it had stung her father when she’d told them about her plans to attend the University of Geneva. He had expected his entire crop — three boys and a single girl — to follow in the family’s footsteps, to become innkeepers and local business owners. To keep the quaint, tourist-driven economy of Grindelwald alive.

She smiled to herself. It was a good dream, but it was an unrealistic one for children who had grown up with the latest video games, gadgets, and internet access. There was an entire world out there, one that she desperately wanted to see, and she was about to have the ability to do just that.

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