The Missing Mona Lisa by David Ferrazi

The Missing Mona Lisa

The Missing Mona Lisa by David Ferrazi (Mysteries of Art #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

How can a girl disappear from a 16th-century painting? That was the question everyone asked when all of the lights went off for about thirty seconds then returned without the most famous woman in the world, Mona Lisa. Excuse me? What did you say? That the girl painted by Leonardo Da Vinci centuries ago simply disappeared from her own painting! All that was left was a bucolic landscape and a climate of terror and uncertainty in the old City of Lights. It was like she’d never existed! Has it always been a hallucination or centuries of mass hysteria?

Amid a Paris on the brink of chaos, the young Detective Marc Lambert must investigate this bizarre event while dealing with another unusual trauma in his life and several threats. It won’t be an easy task for the Head of the Art Department, who only has two detectives, just as young as himself, on his side. Bernard German, a clumsy video game addict, and Alicia Faucher, a single mom who bases her decisions on astrology.

As in her first disappearance, the whole world’s press is interested in the case. Breaking news! Mona Lisa disappeared from her own painting! How is that possible? Barbara Lavigne, a young but renowned reporter, found herself being dragged into this event which defies the laws of physics in order to answer the question no one knows the answer to. Meanwhile, she has to deal with ethical dilemmas, mysterious entities, a thirsty-for-scoops boss, and an immeasurable inner desire to take new directions within journalism, even if it takes her to such strange directions.

Strong and organized like Napoleon’s armada, the French society is shaken to the core. While there aren’t satisfactory explanations, the political class takes advantage of the obscure event to bring the public to their side and throw them against those who let such a tragedy happen.

“I can’t believe what I’ve just seen,” Alicia Faucher said as she pressed the replay button on the TV remote.

Sitting on the couch, she stuck the spoon in the bowl and brought a portion of Mac n’ Cheese up to her mouth.


What Alicia was watching on TV was making her mouth drop open wide. But what was making her close it afterward, chew, swallow, and truly enjoy the moment, was the delicious cheddar painting her lips orange-yellow. She grabbed the food with the spoon again and savored the pleasure of eating her favorite dish. The pleasure of watching her favorite soap opera. The pleasure of spending the day with her favorite Capricorn, her little daughter, Joane. The great pleasure of taking a day off.

All of these things were even better because she was far away from the Art Department, the place where monotony was the rule and enthusiasm was nothing but an urban legend. Having this job, though, was really important to her. Actually, that was the perfect job for her. Her daughter wasn’t old enough to take care of herself alone. And, of course, the time demanded to give attention to a little girl could only be found in a department created to investigate museum crimes. The criminal world of art was as motionless as a fruit basket painting. And single moms already had enough motion going on in their lives.

On the floor, Joane was facing a black mirror, Alicia’s phone. While she was playing, her mother could watch her face, her soul, and her personality. She was the result of a brief relationship with Giovanni Martini, an old Alicia affair. An Italian man, as the name suggested, who loved to visit Paris, who loved his job as a professional art dealer, who loved to flirt when he was in the city for business, who loved to invite girls to break wine glasses throughout the house, and who loved to deceive them with his Florentine charm. But who didn’t love to mention he was a married man at his homeland, with kids, houses, dreams, and not willing to drop everything to live with a French woman. “It’s just an adventure,” he had said like a true Gemini man. An adventure just like the one Alicia was watching on TV until it was interrupted by a sudden commercial break.

The newscast opening song began to play. That’s odd. It wasn’t eight o’clock yet. So why was there an anchor on her TV screen?

It didn’t take long for the man, wearing a navy blue suit, to give her the answer.

“Good evening, dear viewers of the France 6 channel. Today, we are live a little before our usual time to show you something that happened right now here in Paris. Something strange. Really strange.” He turned to another camera. “No, I’m not talking about this evening’s blackout. Not specifically about that. I’m talking about something even stranger. Something I’m sure you’ve never seen before. Something you’ll only believe if you watch the next video. Check this out.”

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