The Monster Journal by Emma Liggett

The Monster Journal

The Monster Journal by Emma Liggett
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB |311 Kb

The Monster Journal : Dusty is an endangered species: a human. It’s been nearly two years since the monsters arrived. Dusty, along with her best friend Mark, have been surviving in what’s left of the world. They travel from place to place, always one step ahead of the monsters, always looking out for each other. Mark is the only person Dusty can turn to when times get hard. But despite being her best friend, there are some things Dusty can’t bring herself to tell him. In a world where survival is a struggle, personal matters aren’t important. In this world of humans and monsters, each day is a challenge. Simple tasks like finding food, water, or a safe place to sleep aren’t easy when you’re not sure if the humans in the area will take kindly to strangers… or if there are monsters lurking in the shadows. But when tragedy strikes, Dusty is forced to make a choice. A choice that will alter her fate, the fate of her best friend, and the fate of an unfortunate interloper. A choice that could either save them all, or fling them right into the hands of monsters.

“The last thing I need is a reminder of what’s going on out there. In rural areas, like out here, those things haven’t settled yet. They’re mostly congregated around large cities and towns. That’s the only reason why some of humanity is still free, and not forced into slavery.

But once they start cultivating rural areas…

Sighing, he continued turning the dial. I knew he was listening for music. Me? I’d settle for any voice to keep us company.

“You’re listening to New World Radio. The best radio station for our new world.” The voice made us jump, and we shared a look of relief before turning our attention back to the radio. The voice was male, and he sounded tired. But from that brief opening, it sounded like some sort of radio talk show.

It wasn’t music, but God. It felt so good to hear another voice. A human voice.

“I regret to inform our listeners that my colleague and friend, Hector, died this morning. He was set upon by a creature on his way to work. He attempted to fight back, but he…” The voice went quiet for a moment.

“He will be missed.”

Our grins disappeared.

Afterwards, after listening to the man on the radio lament about his lost friend, the radio began to play a soft, melancholy tune — Hector’s last song.”

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