The Murder in the Motel (Bakers and Bulldogs Mysteries #18) by Rosie Sams

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The Murder in the Motel by Rosie Sams(Bakers and Bulldogs Mysteries #18)
English | 2020|Mystery/Thriller Cozy| ePUB | 1.3 MB

When Elliott Hodge is found dead in a motel room it seems a cut and dried case but Melody and Smudge have other ideas. Can the French Bulldog sniff out the clues and save a friend from jail?

A memorial day luncheon is the perfect place for Melody Hennessy to show off her wonderful desserts. The baker and her trusty French Bulldog Smudge are a big hit with the veterans.

Lola, a soldier with a troubled past does not seem to like the bulldog or anyone for that matter. When she is accused of murder the sheriff thinks it is an easy case. Only Melody and Smudge think differently. Can they sniff out the clues and find the real killer or is Lola’s troubled past coming back to haunt her?

Find out in Murder in the Motel the latest Bakers and Bulldogs cozy mystery from Author Rosie Sams.

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