The Murders in Beacon Hill by Elle Gray

 The Murders in Beacon Hill

The Murders in Beacon Hill (Olivia Knight FBI Mystery Thriller Book 2) by Elle Gray
English | 2021| Mystery Thriller | ePUB | 6.9 MB

Elle Gray lives in a small town with her 2 cats, and her handsome husky. As a girl, she was obsessed with crime novels and thrillers.

“Death is inescapable. I am your penance.”
FBI agent Olivia Knight has seen her fair share of shocking and gruesome cases.
So much so that she trained herself to expect the unexpected.
But when she is called onto a case in a sleepy small-town of Beacon Hill.
A case involving a brutal stabbing with the words…
“Death is inescapable. I am your penance.”, written in blood.
Olivia finds herself sleepless and unable to shake off the chilling words of a bloodthirsty killer.
After a second victim is found. The case takes another bizarre turn.
What are the connections between both victims?
What is the killer’s true motive?
And most importantly who will be next?
When Olivia gets a personal threat from a cloaked man that calls himself “The Messenger”, she realizes that she is being watched.
Lives are on the line. A deranged killer is on the loose.
Will Olivia be able to save herself and keep the body count from rising?
In the small town of Beacon Hill, death may be your only escape.

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