The Mysterious Coin by James E Wisher

The Mysterious

The Mysterious Coin by James E Wisher (The Dragonspire Chronicles Book 2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 282 Kb

The Mysterious : Who ever controls the dragons, rules the world
Everyone in Yaz’s village has vanished.
The only clue, a strange golden coin marked with mysterious runes.
Can Yaz and his friends figure out what the coin means before it’s too late?
And what are the sinister Dark Sages up to in the northwest? It can’t be anything good for our heroes.
It’s a race against time to rescue the missing villagers.

“Fortunately, the search was only cursory, then the sergeant said, “A silver scale apiece and welcome to the City of Bells.”

As welcomes went, it wasn’t the most enthusiastic, but Yaz kept his opinions to himself as he urged his mount through the gate. They’d barely entered the city when scores of bells rang all around announcing the arrival of high sun. The cacophony set Yaz’s teeth on edge, but it ended soon enough.

“I hope they don’t do that at midnight as well,” Brigid said, just a little too loud.

“Don’t worry,” Silas said. “The bells are silent after sunset. I’m not certain why the city became obsessed with bells, but it’s been like this for years.”

Silas and Brigid both looked at Yaz who shrugged. There weren’t any books about the modern city in the tower library, only an old atlas that talked about it in imperial times, so he had nothing to add.

When they were out of earshot from the gate Silas asked, “Do we want to go directly to Carnack’s place or find an inn?”

“An inn.” Brigid and Yaz spoke in unison.

Okay. I know a place that isn’t too expensive and more to the point the owner has a complete lack of curiosity about his guests.”

“Sounds perfect for us,” Yaz said. “Lead on.”

The buildings weren’t that much different from the ones at home, but Yaz had never seen a cobblestone street before, except for drawings in books of course. It seemed like upkeep would be a nuisance, but it made for smooth traveling.

Silas kept well away from the city center, instead turning toward a crowded part of the city filled with two- and three-story buildings jammed in so tightly Yaz figured you could climb to the roof with your feet planted against one and your back against its neighbor. Not that he had any desire to attempt that feat.

A babble of voices filled the air from hundreds of open windows. A few haggard women sat on stoops, sweating and bouncing little kids on their knees. Everyone gave Yaz and his friends a long look, but when they made no aggressive moves the locals dismissed them.

At last they reached a two-story inn sporting clapboard siding, a wrap-around porch, and cloudy glass windows. There was no attached stable so Yaz wasn’t sure where they’d keep their mounts.”


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