The Naked Dead by Joe Janowicz

The Naked Dead

The Naked Dead by Joe Janowicz
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

The Naked Dead : When the clothes come off, the killing begins.
Someone is killing naked people. Paradise Lost, an international naturist resort is holding a major “bare all” nudist and adult swingers convention. When a celebrity guest is found floating “bottoms up” in one of the luxury outdoor pools, the local police are called to investigate. The resort is put on lockdown when another naked guest is found dead in the window display of an on-premise concessions shop. Both victims have bite marks in their necks and are drained of all their blood. Is this the work of a “real life” vampire, or a crazed psychopath pretending to be a vampire?

Detective Jamie Parker and Police Officer Jim McKenna, who have never worked together are given the undercover assignment to stay on site as a couple and search for any clues. To blend in, they have to go “au natural” and mingle with the guests. Unexpectedly, if not ”hard” enough to find the killer, both have to fight the “temptation” of becoming a romantically involved naked couple while pretending to be a romantic couple.

As celebrity movie stars in the porn industry arrive for “fun in the sun” and an evening of couples swinging, more mysterious deaths continue as the killer plays a game of cat and mouse with Jamie, intending to make her a victim. Never having been to a nudist resort, let alone walk around in public wearing only sunglasses and a smile, Jamie discovers that you don’t need clothes to catch a killer.

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