The Natchez Trace by John Glasby (ePUB)(MOBI)

The Natchez Trace by John Glasby

English | 2017 | Mystery/Thriller/Western | Series: N/A | 1.15 MB

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The history of the Natchez Trace is one of bloody feuds and sudden, violent deaths.

Running from New Orleans to Kentucky, the Trace is a treacherous path, open to dangerous men with murder on their minds.

One such man is the ruthless rancher Andrew Tollinson.

A murderer of settlers and tormentor of anyone who stands in his way of controlling the Trace, Tollinson creates fear among the residents of New Orleans.

Few are brave enough to stand up to him.

Only Nathan King, editor of the New Orleans Courier has the courage to print the truth about Tollinson’s true nature.

When Nathan is murdered and his printing press mysteriously destroyed, it falls to his daughter Jennifer to fight for justice.

Will she back down when her life is also threatened?

Even Aaron Lewis, the man she is set to marry thinks she should give in to Tollinson’s demands.

Then there is Dan Carson.

A gunfighter and a gambler, Carson arrives in New Orleans with a score to settle. And it’s one that might just help Jennifer King in her own quest for justice…