The New Girl by Scarlett Haven

The New Girl

The New Girl by Scarlett Haven (Shifter Academy: United Book 1)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 1.4 Mb

The New Girl : I’ve been locked away my whole life, because my alpha thinks that I’m an embarrassment.
I’m the runt of my panther pride—not good enough, not strong enough, and different than everybody else.
Then I get the letter.
Shifter Academy says that my enrollment is mandatory.
This is the chance I’ve been waiting for. Once and for all, I will prove that just because I’m a runt doesn’t mean I’m not strong.
I’m going to Shifter Academy, and not even my alpha can stop me.

“Still, I smile when I look at the letter in my hand. There is a handbook inside with the rules, dress code, and my classroom schedule. I pull out the book and begin to read.

I’m really going to Shifter Academy.

It’s truly happening!

A little later that afternoon, as I’m cooking dinner, somebody rings the doorbell. I cringe, hoping whoever it is didn’t wake up my father. He was out late last night, and he will be very upset if he is woken up.

I run toward the door and open it before they can ring the doorbell twice, and I’m shocked to see Alpha George standing on the other side.

Alpha George never comes to visit.

“Hello, Alpha.” I bow to him, just as he has asked everybody in the pride to do out of respect. “Please, come in. I am cooking dinner if you want some.”

He walks inside, but his nose is wrinkled in disgust. “I’m not interested in any food you have to offer me, you filthy runt.”

For whatever reason, my alpha has never been fond of me. I know it’s because I’m small and weak. He thinks I am a burden to our pride. He’s right. I’m not able to fight like others. But I try to pull my weight in other ways. It’s never enough, though.

The door to my father’s room opens with a thunk. He walks out, his footsteps heavy, and I cringe.”

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