The New Ride by Rodzil LaBraun

The New Ride

The New Ride by Rodzil LaBraun (Joah Maroon #1)
English | 2021|Sci – Fi| ePUB |5.4 MB

Joah Maroon survived the death games in the Island Girls trilogy to escape the clutches of the perverted aliens known as Thesphilians. His fame as a galactic hero eventually fades and leads him to his new leadership role, captain of a small interstellar freighter. Caught between our universe and the thin fabric of jump-space, a haunting menace makes the crew’s first journey a troublesome one. The dangerous alien worlds on his route only adds to their problems. Joah must balance his love life with his new job as a strange transformation attacks his body.

* Author’s Note: The Joah Maroon series is based on the main character from the Island Girls Trilogy.  Though reading that three book series is not required to enjoy this story, it is advisable to fully understand references and the established characters.  Joah, Lin and Nancy have all come an extremely long way since their first appearance on the page.  I believe that following their strange and wild adventure through the Island Girls series will assist you in enjoying this tale to the fullest.

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