The Noah Reid Box Set (1-3) by Wes Lowe

The Noah Reid Box Set (1-3)

The Noah Reid Box Set by Wes Lowe (#1-3)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

The Noah Reid Action Thriller Series Books 1-3 by bestselling author Wes Lowe have left readers across the globe breathless and craving for more. If you like crime action thrillers tinged with Asian mysticism, gritty action and heart-pounding suspense, then you will love the Noah Reid series.

1. Fury Unleashed
When a crossbow arrows kills his law firm’s biggest client, up-and-coming lawyer Noah Reid is thrust head-first into the world of Asia’s vicious Triads. Half a billion in mob dollars is missing. And Noah’s boss is the main suspect. Chin, brutal Triad leader, wants to make his flunkie pay. But mob bosses don’t call the cops for justice. They take your family. And they just took the one thing in the world Noah cares most about: his boss’s daughter, the first girl to truly capture his heart.

2. Venomous
When Noah Reid brings his dying mentor on a final pilgrimage to the mystical monastery high in China’s Yellow Mountains where the aged master learned Shaolin martial arts, they are ambushed by sea, land and air. Noah’s inner circle is under constant siege as Chin’s son, King, leads the savage charge to recover the family fortune. He’ll do anything and use anyone from his own merciless mercenaries to his specially bred vipers to achieve his goal.

3. Manipulate
When Noah’s old girlfriend invites him to see her musical debut in the Big Apple, she introduces him to her manager, a visionary who wants to help young musicians reach their potential. But it’s a sham. The manager is Chin’s daughter Queenie who is under the gun to pay off a huge debt to the head of a Russian mob. She figures getting back her father’s cash is the fastest way out of her jam and puts on an Oscar-winning act. TAs Noah unravels Queenie’s charade, she ups the ante by taking not only Olivia but a hundred schoolchildren hostage.

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