The Octagon series Box Set by JK Ellem

The Octagon series

The Octagon series Box Set by JK Ellem (#0.5,1-2)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

The Octagon series : What would you do if you discovered that the world you were born into was a complete lie?
First Year Police Graduate Jon Kobe woke up this morning and learnt that his friends, his job, the society he lives in is one gigantic lie. And now they know he knows…

The Octagon series is an electrifying glimpse into the future, a page-turning dystopian thriller and a brutal exploration of true human nature.

0.5 Soldiers Field
The year is 2032. The Octagon engineers have been tasked with creating a new concept, a game to entertain the executive elite and society’s most wealthy and privileged.

They were given only three requirements: It must be brutal, it must be fast and there can only be one winner. As a result of their design, the first prototype of the Dominion was born.

The test site for the first Dominion is to be the desolate and abandoned Harvard University campus on the banks of the Charles River, a haunting place of crumbling buildings and overgrown courtyards.

Sixteen death row inmates have undergone six weeks of intensive combat training and will be the guinea pigs for this first Dominion.

There is no escape for them. The site is ringed by a disintegrator fence and they have just two hours to reach the end. But what the engineers didn’t plan for was a woman named Magnolia Gray and she has a completely different game she wants to play… Every nightmare has a beginning.

1. Octagon
The Year is 2042, and Los Angeles Police Graduate, Jon Kobe woke up this morning to find out that his friends, his job, the society he lives in is one gigantic lie. And now they know he knows.

In the future there is no war, no famine and no poverty. In the future the zombies didn’t come. The apocalypse didn’t happen and no virus wiped-out humanity.

In the future the world is good. All levels of government are gone, overthrown and replaced by eight corporations collectively known as Octagon. In their hands they control all facets of society for the benefit of everyone.

There is order, minimal crime and a content,well-fed society. Or so it seems…

But if everything is so good, so perfect, then why does Jon Kobe, a First Year law enforcement graduate feel that something is not quite right with the world he lives in?

When the tortured body of a young girl is discovered in an alleyway, branded with a symbol meaning Hell, Kobe begins to see the frayed-edge of his world and the horrors that lie beneath. Below the surface of this idyllic society, awaits the sadistic truth where human lives are just fodder for the entertainment of the privileged few. For Kobe to survive, he must find the courage to abandon everything that he believes in and become something that he is not.

2. Infernum
Kobe is left for dead. Petra’s life hangs by a thread and Alta has been taken.The Pinnacle Trial has been won, but it’s only a glimpse into the shockingreality of what lies beneath a perfect society.


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