The O’Mara’s in LaLa Land by Michelle Vernal

The O’Mara’s in LaLa Land by Michelle Vernal (The Guesthouse on the Green #8)
English | 2020| General Fiction/Classics| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Ten days seeing the sights in Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong?
The O’Maras are living it up in the sunshine at Mammy’s brother-in-law, Cormac’s mansion smack bang in the middle of Bel Air. They’ve come to spend time with him and Patrick, the eldest son in the family along with his girlfriend Cindy. They hadn’t planned on there being roller skates at Venice Beach or, a rogue chipmunk at Disneyland. Neither had they envisaged a close encounter with a peeping Tom but for this family things never go quite to plan.

As for Cormac, it’s the first-time family have been to visit him in his adopted country since he left Dublin abruptly fifty years ago. He’s carved a name for himself in the world of fashion but beneath it all lurks a sad tale and it’s time for him to share it with his family.

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