The Others by Jay Allan

The Others

The Others by Jay Allan (Blood on the Stars Book 13)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 494 Kb

The Others : From the deepest darks of unknown space, evil comes…

Admiral Tyler Barron and the Confederation navy face a new threat, darker and deadlier than any that have come before.

The Confederation has just concluded its war with the Hegemony, but now that power, so long the hated enemy, is calling for help, for the Confederation to join it to face a deadly invasion, one likely to subjugate all humanity.

Barron must overcome his own resentments, and the resistance of the Senate, and find a way to lead his forces into battle once more. The odds are long, but the stakes couldn’t be higher, no less than a choice between survival and freedom…and slavery and death.

Barron and his people will find the strength, somehow, to face the invincible enemy, to find some way to fight, to overcome the darkness. Or at least to survive to fight another day.

“You won’t save one of them if you let the fleet be destroyed here…you’ll just condemn billions more you might otherwise find a way to defend…

His resolve was like iron, but that didn’t completely stop the doubts.  He could hold his fleet in place, waiting for Helas’s retreating ships to make good their escape, only so long before it was too badly damaged, before its own way out was cut off.  He would have to run—soon—and any ships that hadn’t managed to complete their pullbacks would be left to the enemy’s mercy, just as the two inhabited worlds.

Ilius was struggling to adapt to the reality unfolding around him.  The war on the Rim had been bloody, brutal, and it had worn heavily on all those who’d fought in it.  But the Hegemony had been the invader there, and in almost every instance, the superior force.  Now, he had to adjust to being the weaker side, to watching the stronger enemy advance.  He had to think first of preserving his forces, of avoiding total disaster while he probed for any weaknesses, used what advantages his people had.  He now held the position the Rimdwellers had, worse even, since the enemy overmatched his forces by a far greater margin than the Hegemony had enjoyed over the Rim navies.  He had to find ways to counter the deadly threat, to focus on his fleet’s strengths, even as those he’d recently fought against had so effectively utilized their bomber wings.”

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