The Path of Good Response by Steve Frogley

The Path of Good Response

The Path of Good Response by Steve Frogley
English | 2020 | Mystery, Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Do you value your mother’s health above peace in the Middle East? How about your career over global warming? If a company runs the best graduate scheme in the world, then can it afford to be probing with its interview questions? When Joe Massey is offered a role aboard Schelldhardt’s luxurious headquarters at sea, he discovers that the company mission is beyond anything he had ever imagined. Strange dreams disturb his sleep, and it soon becomes clear that nothing is quite as it seems. Is he really the right man for the job? And if not, then why is he there at all?

Their anger was contagious. It was clear that many of the attendees were unaccustomed to disappointment. Schelldhardt attracted the cream of all newly qualified graduates, and they arrived with naked expectation and a low tolerance for inconvenience. It was intimidating being around them. Everyone seemed smarter, brighter and more articulate than he was. As he stood amongst the young, immaculately presented throng, it was as if he had gate-crashed the most glamorous wedding party ever assembled. The atmosphere was superficially friendly, but there was no disguising the competitive underbelly. The smiles and laughter were punctuated with stolen glances and loaded questions, weighing and judging the competition. It was impossible to know who actually had the edge; the entry requirements were vague, and the qualities sought equally mysterious. He still had no idea how he had been selected for an interview — awarded only an average degree from a mediocre university.

Crossing the field was not a tempting option for anyone. A few of the candidates ignored the guard, and were heading back the way they had arrived along the road. The remainder hesitated, some still bashing at their phones, despite the feeble mobile signal in the grounds. He had already tried to call Rachel and his other flatmates multiple times, and was now perilously low on battery himself. He moved closer, straining to hear their conversations. A circle had formed around a girl who had managed to reach a friend already inside Marryfield House. She relayed the news in breathless gasps, but he caught the gist of the situation: her friend had been sent different arrival instructions to those at the gatehouse. There was an instant roar of disapproval, and it took him a few seconds to digest the implications of what he had just heard. Rachel could have been sent the same instructions, and might already be inside the house…

He immediately marched back towards the road. Why hadn’t he decided to do it before? Having arrived so early, it was ridiculous that he had allowed himself to become late. He muttered apologies as he pushed through the perfumed bodies, head down, gradually accelerating as he moved. A hand grabbed his arm as he reached the extremity of the group, and he wheeled round to find the security guard staring at him, wide-eyed.

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