The Path of Zaan: The Complete Epic Trilogy by C.K. Rieke

The Path of Zaan

The Path of Zaan: The Complete Epic Trilogy by C.K. Rieke (#1-3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

A dark, ancient power has returned. Thrilling adventure, bitter revenge and captivating drama thrive in this complete epic fantasy trilogy! Gifted with an ancient magic, Zaan is thrust into a war centuries old, and he will have to learn to use that powerful magic if he’s going to fight what’s after him. 1000 pages filled with Magic, Mystical Creatures, and Epic Battles!

1. The Road to Light
Some men are shaped by destiny. Other men shape the world.

In the medieval land of Essill, Armoz the Devil King lies in wait. For 999 years, he has been the last-remembered of the ancient Gods. Toiling in obscurity, he seeks control of Essill and its innocent inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the decidedly ordinary Zaan Talabard leaves his small town of Fur-lol in order to improve his station in life. Blissfully unaware of his future role in history, a random encounter on the way to the industrial castle of Auracity imbues him with the magic of the Azulūz.

Struggling with his newfound powers, Zaan is thrust into a dangerous game as sorceress Angela Dragus the Righteous hunts him and his friends. As they traverse this dangerous open world, the threat of death a constant reminder, the magic power of the Azulūz remains a mystery: will it save them… or destroy them?

2. The Crooked Knight
The past is done… but the future is unknown.

Fresh off their victory against Angela Dragus the Righteous, Zaan Talabard and his friends are left grieving and battered. The Devil King Armoz is still out there and has sent his indestructible ambassador – Xelex, the Crooked Knight – to stop them in their tracks by any means necessary.

Still learning how to deal with the newfound magic power of the Azulūz, Zaan knows he and his friends have no time to waste. On his journey, he discovered a mysterious red stone that increased the Devil King’s desire to find and destroy him. Not knowing the true meaning of the stone, Zaan finds others are after him because of it. Is it a cursed gem, or does it hold the key to victory?

3. The Devil King
Zaan Talabard is a dead man walking. As an inheritor of the magic of the Azulūz, he is hunted by the Devil King Armoz. When the great god Ojiin, imprisoned by Armoz, pleads with Zaan to rescue him, Zaan realizes that he must claim his destiny.

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