The Persian Twins by Clarence Cook

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The Persian Twins by Clarence Cook (Duty, Glory and Honour #1)
English | 2020 | General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

It is 1797 and England is at war with France. For two orphans who have escaped from their life of misery in a London workhouse war seems far away but in a twist of fate the brothers are separated. Darius is taken up by the heavy hand of the press gang and is sent to be a powder monkey aboard HMS Archer, where the cramped conditions, bad food and harsh discipline threaten to end his short life. Worst still, Archer is bound for the Texel and one of the war s most devastating sea battles.
Alone and with nowhere else to go Xerxes takes the king s shilling so he can fight the king s enemies, but finds his life as a drummer boy is not as glorious as he d hoped. Instead it is one of exploitation and abuse and his only option is to desert and disappear into the stews of London, but Sergeant Major Faun, who collects gifted boys, has a different idea. The 33rd are bound for India to join the army of Colonel Wellesley and they are short of a drummer boy.
The series, Duty, Glory and Honour, follows the changing lives of Darius and Xerxes as they fight for survival, on land and at sea, in one of the most far reaching conflicts the world has known, and is Hornblower, Aubrey and Sharp all rolled into one.

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