The Picture On The Fridge by Ian W. Sainsbury

The Picture

The Picture On The Fridge by Ian W. Sainsbury
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |357 Kb

The Picture : Mags Barkworth still suffers the effects of a life-changing tragedy over a decade ago. She knows her husband loves her. She knows he would never do anything to hurt her, or their daughter. But what if the voice in her head, the one she’s pushed away with therapy and anti-depressants, is telling the truth? What if it’s all a lie? When Tam, their daughter, draws an uncannily detailed picture of a place she’s never been, Mags’ life starts to unravel. But even in her most paranoid moment, Mags could never have guessed the secret she is destined to uncover.

“They both heard it. The crunch of snow at the front of the cabin, the laboured breathing. For a few seconds, nothing. Then footsteps climbed the steps to the porch.

Mags released her daughter and placed her right hand on her chest, pushing her away.

“Run, Tam. Run. Now.”

A moment’s hesitation, an agony of indecision before Tam turned and ran for the trees. Mags watched the tuft of hair below her hat, and the inch of skin beneath it until she was out of sight. Tam didn’t look back.

Good girl.

At the front of the cabin, the murderer rattled the door. When he stopped, Mags held her breath. She let the air out in a rush at the sound of glass breaking, and a window being pulled up.

Not long now.

Keeping the logs between her and the back of the cabin, she shuffled across to where she’d hidden the axe. Mags found the gap in the logs and slid her hand into the pile of snow-soaked leaves. She patted the frozen ground beneath, stretching out for the handle.

It wasn’t there.

Her own breathing quickened now. She felt light-headed.

No. No. It had to be there.”

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