The Pine Hill Inn by J A Whiting

The Pine Hill Inn

The Pine Hill Inn by J A Whiting (Ella Daniels Mystery Book 1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.6 MB

The Pine Hill Inn : Ella Daniels, a professor of American history at Green Hill University, comes from a family with many talents, and seeing ghosts is one of them. The family matriarch, Aunt Jin, has agreed to allow a journalist to do a story on their business, Green Hill Investigations.
When the man accompanies Ella to a centuries-old inn to try to help a ghost cross-over, they stumble over the body of a dead man in the garden.
Who killed him? Why? Will more bodies pile up?
With the help of her brother, sister, and a black cat named Raisin, will Ella and her family find the killer before he or she strikes again?

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