The Place Between by Kit Oliver

The Place Between

The Place Between by Kit Oliver
English | 2020 | Romance MM | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Will Ned finally get a relationship right – even if it’s fake?
Ned’s exhausted from his divorce, single parenting, and graduate school, so when his boss comes up with a plan to ‘improve’ work-life balance, Ned wants no part of it.
But Dr. Charles Henry Abbot, PhD has other ideas. Once Ned’s least favorite professor and now his infuriating colleague, Ned needs Abbot’s help editing his dissertation. With their newly limited work schedules, Abbot suggests the worst idea Ned’s ever heard: pretend to date. Convince their co-workers – and their boss – that they’re in a relationship and nailing this whole personal life thing . . . and each other.
It’s an awful idea, but, if it means a graduation cap, would faking a relationship be worth it, so Ned can finish his degree and move home to his daughter?

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