The Plague Stones by James Brogden

The Plague

The Plague Stones by James Brogden
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 1.0 Mb

The Plague : After a brutal break-in leaves her family traumatised, Trish Feenan jumps at the chance of a fresh start in a charming historic community. But in the back garden of her new cottage sits an unsettling reminder of past wrongs: a standing stone, once one of the markers that kept plague sufferers outside the village bounds, its ‘powers’ renewed every year in a ritual that seems to be more than just local oddity.

As the Feenans settle in, they experience unexplained accidents, accompanied by sightings of a girl who vanishes into thin air. Soon, it becomes obvious that there is a reason traditions must not slip, and that all acts of betrayal, even those committed centuries ago, have consequences…

“Toby nodded, chest heaving. His airway felt like it had narrowed down to the width of a pinhole, and his lungs were burning. ‘Please…’ he gasped. ‘Please… I need… inhaler…’

Green Skull peered closer at him. ‘Oh, fucking hell,’ he said. ‘You’re not having a fucking asthma attack, are you?’

Toby nodded, wheezing.

‘Fuck!’ the man spat. He turned away and smashed at the wall in frustration, gouging ragged tears in the thin plaster. ‘Why does nobody ever tell me this shit?’ He spun back to Toby and held the end of the crowbar an inch from his face. ‘You better not be fucking with me.’

Toby shook his head, blinking back tears of panic which he couldn’t prevent any longer. This was his worst nightmare. Having a stranger break into his home and threaten him was shocking, as mad as aliens landing, but the fear of suffering an asthma attack without his inhaler went bone deep and right back to his earliest memories of visits to the hospital, of his mum’s frantic worry, of his dad’s thinly burning anger at having to raise his son in a place like this.

The crowbar dropped away. ‘Where is it, then?’ asked Green Skull. ‘Your inhaler?’

‘… Bedroom…’

Green Skull waved the crowbar at the door. ‘Go on then. But I’m right behind you, badass.”

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