The Player Flag by Lucas Flint

The Player Flag

The Player Flag by Lucas Flint : A Superhero LitRPG Adventure (Capes Online Book 6)
English | 2019 | Sci-Fi | ePUB | 715 Kb

The Player Flag : Back in Capes Online after getting deleted, Nyle Maxwell (Winter) is ready to take the fight to Paradox and stop his evil plans for and for all.

Until a young girl comes to him with a simple request: Find her long-lost father, the legendary superhero Faded Flag, and bring him back in exchange for a fabulous reward Winter can’t turn down.

But Winter isn’t the only person seeking Faded Flag. Paradox’s minions are also hunting down the missing hero in the belief that he holds the secret to godhood. Now Winter and his Teammates must follow every clue, both obscure and obvious, to locate Faded Flag before Paradox’s minions do. They must uncover the secret behind his mysterious disappearance a year ago, a secret that will change Capes Online itself forever.

“I don’t like all this talk about ‘accessing’ memories,” said Cyclone with a gulp. He touched his forehead unconsciously. “You aren’t going to take, like, a big drill to her forehead and poke her with it, are you?”

“The exact methods we will use to extract that information from Sally is not important,” said Chuck. “What is important is getting her back. As I said, this is a matter of national security. I know how hard this must be for you, Winter, but as the newly-appointed Director of the Department of Virtual Reality, I have no choice but to ask you to return Sally to our custody. Now.”

I now understood why Chuck wanted Sally back. The matters he spoke of sounded very serious. I had to admit I was also curious about the Infinity Program and what role Sally played in it. If it had been started four years ago by President Renner, then Sally might not be the first or only Test Subject to have ever been used in it.

But at the same time, I still didn’t want to let Sally out of my sight. I wanted to keep her right where I could see her. Chuck had not mentioned what the Department would do with Sally after they extracted the information from her mind. Would they let her go? Or hold her prisoner? Something told me they would do the latter, no matter how much Chuck might reassure me that they wouldn’t mistreat her.

Yet if I said no, Chuck would take her anyway. He had the power to do so, after all. He could just freeze time, grab Sally, and run. And I wouldn’t even be able to find him again if he didn’t want to be found. I still had the ‘HELP’ button in the corner of my character screen that allowed me to summon him, but something told me that that button wouldn’t be very helpful in rescuing Sally again if I pressed it.”


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