The Power We Share by Elyse Guttenberg

  The Power We Share

The Power We Share by Elyse Guttenberg
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB |3.5 MB

The heist is on. Molly Sinclair is a pirate and a witch, and if there’s a chance at gold, she’s going to take it.

The royal nephew’s ship is anchored in the bay, and Molly has her three masted ship, the Fish, a brother half way on finishing his apprenticeship with the witch’s guild, and soon, enough gold to escape the governor, the black market and anyone else who dares tell her a craftborn witch can’t be free.

The isles are a closed world, bordered by ice but always warm, a world where everyone is born either witch or human and spells are the currency of choice. The guild controls the witches magic. It buys their spells and threatens anyone who refuses to follow their rules and Molly wants nothing to do with them.

But tensions run high. The years of plenty are fading and people are poor. Power is shifting. When Molly steals a chest full of spells the governor’s nephew steps in and a search—and adventures—begin.

There’s mistaken identities, romance, and magic filled battles at sea, and though Molly prefers to live her life free of the guild and sailing her ship, she doesn’t have that choice.

She needs to find out who is lying and who is telling the truth before the final battle destroys them all.

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