The Pretty Woman Who Lived Next Door by Preston Pairo

The Pretty Woman Who

The Pretty Woman Who Lived Next Door by Preston Pairo
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

The Pretty Woman Who : A Psychological Thriller About the Danger Next Door. When Miles Peterson was 16, he killed a man in South Florida and was arrested for murder. Two years later, those charges have been dropped under suspicious circumstances and Miles’ family moves to the D.C. suburbs hoping for a fresh start. Now, Miles’ teachers, classmates, neighbors, and the police all want to know: Is Miles Peterson dangerous? Yes…he is.

“She wants to talk to you about Miles Peterson…?”  The way Lissa says the name makes it sound as if she considers it highly unlikely Jennifer could possibly know anything about this former classmate, who she hasn’t heard her daughter mention since high school.

Jennifer sits up, rubbing her eyes.  “Miles Peterson…?”  As if he is someone from her distant past—or however distant your past can be when you’re 20.

“Should I call your father?”

“Dad’s not here?” Jennifer asks, getting out of bed.

“He’s gone fishing with Arthur and Bo.  But they’re probably not on the water yet.”

“No—don’t call dad.”  As if that would be a silly inconvenience.  Jennifer grabs a hooded sweatshirt off the back of her ergonomic desk chair and pulls it on over the baggy t-shirt and pajama bottoms she slept in.

“Honey, put on some clothes.”

But Jennifer is already at the door.  “Come on…Mom…how long can this take?”

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