The Prince’s Blind Date by Jena Wade

The Prince's Blind Date

The Prince’s Blind Date by Jena Wade (Royals of Swena #1)
English | 2020 | Romance, MM | ePUB | 3.5 MB

A prince in disguise…
Prince Augustus Steinhauer, Duke of Dravia has finally run out of time. Due to an antiquated law, he must be married by his thirtieth birthday, but the prince wants to marry for love, not convenience. And he doesn’t want to be rushed either, but with a ticking clock, he needs to find an omega and fast. So, he does what any alpha in his position would, goes undercover.

An omega open to love…
Omega Wendell wants what his fathers had, a love that lasted until his omega dad’s passing. He doesn’t need anything big and flashy, nothing over the top, just a nice alpha to settle down and have babies with. But just when Wendell believes he’s found what he’s looking for, after one blind date no less, he leaps at the opportunity–and the man. He’s found his peaceful ever after, so why is he suddenly being hounded by reporters? And why are people telling him his sweet, quiet alpha is actually a prince?

The Prince’s Blind Date is book one in a five book series featuring the Royals of Swena. Four Alpha brothers and one Omega on their quest to find love in a royal world. This is a short, 16K novella featuring mpreg, heat, and a royal happily ever after.

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