The Princess Game by George H. McVey

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The Princess Game by George H. McVey (Phildonia Royal Romance Book 1)
English | 2020 | Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Jordan Sparks is a strong, independent, Texas Debutante out to prove she can succeed on her own. Right up until HE shows up. Mister tall, dark, handsome, and on top of that a real-life Prince Charming, Crown Prince Owen of Phildonia. He’s in Texas for one last weekend before he must return home to choose a bride from the noble women of his kingdom. One weekend filled with steamy kisses and a night spent in his arms has her questioning everything. Will Jordan listen to her heart and take a chance on a Prince? Or will her mind win out and keep her following her independent path to success?
Crown Prince Owen Chadwick Theodore of Phildonia was supposed to be celebrating with one last weekend of freedom. Until he walks into his penthouse suite and catches sight of the blonde-haired beauty with the Texas Twang. What’s a responsible Prince to do? Go home and forget about the connection he feels for Jordan by following his duty and marrying one of the Noble women presented to win his hand. Should he take a chance on the Texas beauty and invite her to Phildonia? A friend arranges a second chance for Owen and Jordan to explore their connection.
Can they change the mind of the King, Queen and Royal Council who has already chosen his Princess without his input? Will love conquer all, or was the outcome inevitable in a rigged round of The Princess Game?

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