The Princess Tied by Cari Silverwood

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The Princess Tied by Cari Silverwood
English | 2020 | Romance| ePUB | 1.1 MB

“Falling in love with the has-been noble I lined up to marry is sadly wrong.”
Princess Pollianna the First, smartest royal ever.
Wrong is about to get wronger.
Square-jawed, handsome Xander gets kidnapped and his brother, John, returns from Hell. The fire in this guy’s eyes says he’s not to be messed with.
With Princess Po tied and roped over his horse, with hand firmly clasped on her ample ass, John sets out to rescue his beloved bro, while not looking at aforesaid cute ass…or doing anything bad to it.
As he travels the roads, a ragtag band falls in around him.
True Love will light their way, except John doesn’t believe in True Love.

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