The Quest of Sha-Ree by Elon Vidal

The Quest of Sha-Ree

The Street Party by Claire Seeber
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Alina faces the Goddess of Witchcraft… and she’s in for a surprise. Varen, Alina’s world, was coming to an end. The prophecy she had come to fear placed the deity, the Titan Hekate, destroyer of her world, right in front of her. But not all is what it seems, and Hekate might have different intentions for her. After all, Alina just unlocked her Lotus affinity, and that might come in handy for gods that play dice with witches. Or so Alina thought. She discovers her own world with fresh new eyes. Zuro, her mimic dragon, seemed to have some insight into this plan, unbeknownst to Alina. Strap on, because a whole new dimension of seven worlds has just opened in Alina’s quest. She’s in for a ride with quirky giants, snobby warlocks, dancing elves… and the Faceless. The rules have changed, time has been reset, and even Fivera, the thief she cozied up to when they handed Hades the sword that protected Varen, doesn’t recognize her. What could be more dangerous than seeing her own world perish?

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