The Raven Thief by Andi Lawrencovna

 The Raven Thief

The Raven Thief by Andi Lawrencovna (The NeverLands Saga)
English | 2021 |Fantasy|ePUB| 6.6 MB

Once Upon a Time…No, not once upon a time, because this is no fairy tale, and a thief doesn’t deserve a Happily-Ever-After. This is the story of a woman who thought she could have whatever she wanted without consequences, and in the stealing, lost the one thing she wanted most. It’s the story of the man she left behind, who could never let her go. Only this time, if he fights to stay with her, it could mean more than just their deaths, but that of their world. Orali never thought that Diorlin would agree to work with her again, and even if he did, that he would never feel the way he had in the past for her, or that her feelings wouldn’t have changed either. If only love were enough to fight against the power of The Raven Thief.

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