The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Volume I by Orlando Pearson

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Volume I

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Volume I by Orlando Pearson
English | 2013|Historical Fiction| ePUB | 8 MB

ORLANDO PEARSON, Dr Watson’s successor as the assistant to Sherlock Holmes, was entrusted by the doctor with notes on cases too controversial to publish during Holmes’s career. The three complete stories in this volume were withheld respectively due to the threat they posed to national security, the disclosure of a scandal in a foreign Royal family, and the exposure of excessively close links between Government ministers and industry. Other stories, which are available on-line, highlighted such matters as Government failure to regulate the banks and some grotesque events in Camberwell. It is obviously inconceivable that any of these issues could be of relevance in the better ordered twenty- first century, but these stories, freshly unearthed, provide a fascinating insight into some of the issues facing society at the turn of the twentieth and right up to the early 1950’s.


The Führer and His Deputies
A Scandal in Nova Alba
The Minister and the Moguls
The Prince and the Munshi
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