The Redemption of Time by Baoshu

The Redemption of Time

The Redemption of Time: A Three Body Problem by Baoshu (Remembrance of Earth’s Past Book 4)
English | 2019 | Sci-Fi | ePUB | 1.6 Mb

The Redemption of Time : Death is no release for Yun Tianming – merely the first step on a journey that will place him on the frontline of a war that has raged since the beginning of time.

At the end of the fourth year of the Crisis Era, Yun Tianming died. He was flash frozen, put aboard a spacecraft and launched on a trajectory to intercept the Trisolaran First Fleet. It was a desperate plan, a Trojan gambit almost certain to fail. But there was an infinitesimal chance that the aliens would find rebooting a human irresistible, and that someday, somehow, Tianming might relay valuable information back to Earth.

And so he did. But not before he betrayed humanity.

Now, after millennia in exile, Tianming has a final chance at redemption. A being calling itself The Spirit has recruited him to help wage war against a foe that threatens the existence of the entire universe. A challenge he will accept, but this time Tianming refuses to be a mere pawn… He has his own plans.

Published with the blessing of Cixin Liu, The Redemption of Time extends the astonishing universe conjured by the Three-Body Trilogy. You’ll discover why the universe is a ‘dark forest’, and for the first time, you’ll come face-to-face with a Trisolaran…

“One of these beams had originated in a little-noticed nook of the universe once known as “the Milky Way.” It was so faint that the eyes of the vast majority of living beings could not detect it, yet it contained innumerable legends that had once moved heaven and earth, shocked belief and understanding.

Ye Wenjie, Mike Evans, Ding Yi, Frederick Tyler, Zhang Beihai, Bill Hines, Luo Ji, Thomas Wade …

Red Coast Base, the Earth-Trisolaris Organization, the Wallfacer Project, the Staircase Program, the Swordholders, the Bunker Project …

The ancient stories remained as vivid as though they had taken place yesterday; the figures of heroes and saints continued to twinkle among the constellations. But knowledge of the tales had faded, and there was no one left to mark their passing. The curtain had fallen and the players had departed from the stage; the audience had scattered to the winds; even the theater had long since fallen into ruin.


In the endless darkness of space, in a forgotten corner a long way from any star, a ghost appeared out of the void.

Faint gleams of starlight limned a shape vaguely resembling a creature that had once been known as “human.” The ghost knew that for billions of light-years around this spot there were no other beings who would have recognized a human shape. Its world and species had long ago disappeared, leaving no trace behind. That species, which had once created a civilization that had lit up a galaxy, conquered billions of worlds, destroyed countless foes, and enacted magnificent epics, had submerged in the river of history, which had, in turn, melded with the ocean that was time. Now even the ocean of time was about to dry up.

But at the end of the universe, at the moment when time was about to cease its flow, this ghost stubbornly wished to continue writing a story that was already concluded.”


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