The Relic Runner Origin Story Box Set (1-6) by Ernest Dempsey

The Relic Runner Origin Story Box Set (1-6)

ngerous Waters by A.J. Rivers (Emma Griffin FBI Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery, Thriller | ePUB | 3.2 MB

They thought he was dead. They were dead wrong.

Dak Harper’s Delta Force team stumbles upon an ancient treasure trove in the mountains of Iraq. But when Dak suggests they report their findings to command, the team steals the loot and leaves him for dead.

Faced with certain death, Dak must find a way out of the darkness, and onto a path of revenge to settle the score with the men who betrayed him.

This box set contains the entire six book series of short stories called The Relic Runner Origin Story. Join Dak as he scours the world, from the beaches of Portugal and Miami, to the jungles of Mexico, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the hills of Southern Kentucky, and the wilderness of Turkey.

This digital anthology of short stories includes-

Book 1: Out of the Fire
Book 2: You Only Die Once
Book 3: Tequila Sunset
Book 4: Purgatory
Book 5: Scorched Earth
Book 6: The Heart of Vengeance

Dak stared through the night vision goggles at the terrorist camp on the opposite ridge. He and his team had been sitting there for over an hour, waiting until it was dark enough to move without being easily detected. Their window was short due to the cycle of the moon. In thirty minutes, the earth’s satellite would start climbing into the sky and cast its eerie glow onto the desert mountains. It would still be dark enough to carry out the operation, but the light of the moon would make Dak and his team much easier to spot as they navigated up the slope toward the terrorist’s camp.

“How many you count, Haus?” a man named Bo Taylor asked crouching next to Dak. He was about the same height as Dak, around two inches past six feet, but his hair was blond, cut short in the military fashion, but his tanned face was wrapped by a thick beard. Four of the six men on their team had grown beards during their time in the northeastern mountains of Iraq. The only two that didn’t sport beards were Carson and Luis. Carson, a black man from the Bronx, had worn a beard for years before joining the military and eventually Delta Force. But he cut it off when he signed up and never grew it back. No one was sure if Luis could even grow a beard or not.

“Hard to tell which ones are going in and out, or if it’s others who were already inside,” Dak answered after several seconds of watching the entrance into the cave. “Details like that aren’t as easy to make out from this range.”

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