The Reticence by Levi Fuller

The Reticence

The Reticence #5 by Levi Fuller (Nantahala River Book 5)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Detectives Margo and Marcia are separated for the first time, with Margo facing potential jail time for murder. But Marcia refuses to admit defeat and will do everything necessary to get her sister back where she belongs: working the case by her side. With a young lawyer eager to help the two sisters, they pursue their investigation, leading to the revelation of some long-forgotten secrets about the people of Havermill.
After all, guilty people always like to talk eventually.
Why did Donna O’Brien feel such a connection to Mandy?
And why was Mandy’s father so much closer to home than he ever said?
But the more answers the sisters find, the deeper they get dragged into the affairs of the town’s residents. With another interview reaching a surprising conclusion, can Margo and Marcia find out the identity of Mandy’s killer, or will they be doomed to fail like so many detectives before them?

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