The Retirement Party by Graham H Miller

The Retirement

The Retirement Party by Graham H Miller (Angel and Haines #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |359 Kb

The Retirement : Would you break the law to do the right thing, even if you were a police officer?

DC Emma Angel is used to doing everything for herself and relying on no-one. The young women whose deaths she investigates are too close to her age for comfort. As a trainee detective she joins a tight-knit team and must choose how far she will compromise her principles to fit in.

DCI Rob Haines is used to having a team that obeys his every order. He has always done whatever is necessary to protect Bradwick. Now the increasing threat of big city drug gangs, and a serial killer on the loose in his home town, push him and his team to the edge. Angel and Haines find the killer the night before a big raid and have to deal with a shocking truth that will change everything.

“A dangerous silence fell as everyone in the office realised that the boss was there. He was not just the boss, but DCI Haines, at least two ranks above everyone else there. DC Angel felt her stomach drop. Had she messed up on only her second day?

‘Angel.’ He barked. She turned to focus on him. ‘You saw him lift the handbag. Were you undercover?’

‘Undercover? What do you mean, boss?’ She wondered what he was playing at.

‘Well, what car were you in, how were you dressed?’

‘Me and DC Hobbs were in a pool car, sir. Dressed as you see us now.’ Their dress code might be best described as office casual.

‘Just sat there, in full view?’

‘Yes, sir.’

Haines nodded. He turned to DS Parry and DC Angel relaxed slightly. She still hadn’t figured out the dynamics so she watched the exchange carefully.

‘You’d better have a quiet word with your CI,’ Haines said to Parry. ‘If he thinks he can go around lifting handbags in full view of two CID officers in a pool car, then he’s an idiot. They might as well have been in uniform. Every scrote from here to Bristol can spot one of our unmarked cars, especially with two of our finest officers sat in the front.’

‘Yes, sir.’ DS Parry paused for a second. ‘Sir, what shall I do with him? Caution or charge?’

‘It’s DC Angel’s collar, so it’s up to her.”

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