The Rift Diver by G.R.R. Byron

The Rift Diver

The Rift Diver by G.R.R. Byron (Kindle of the Parasite #1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

The quest to be the best rift diver…

As an E-Class Agent following the Cataclysm that rocked Earth to its core, Jonathan Frazer has the responsibility of diving into rifts to protect humanity. Yet when one dive goes south, Jonathan is left for dead while his former crewmates return to Earth.

It is then that a sentient, parasitic creature comes across the dying Agent. Taking control of his host, the creature absorbs John’s memories and motivations as his own. With the advantage of both species, and a shard of rift crystal lodged in his chest, John is able to make it back from the dead.

Shunning his former comrades and suddenly on his own, John is determined to make a mark for himself and provide for his family. The business of rift diving is a risky but potentially profitable one. With renewed determination to be the best, there’s no rift dive too deadly to pass up. An E-Class Agent has never gained the skills to advance to the next rank. But he’s beaten the odds before. Can he do it again?

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