The Right Side of History by Christopher G. Nuttall

 The Right Side of History

The Right Side of History (Schooled In Magic Book 22) by Christopher G. Nuttall
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.8 MB

Christopher Nuttall has been planning sci-fi books since he learned to read. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Chris created an alternate history website and eventually graduated to writing full-sized novels. Studying history independently allowed him to develop worlds that hung together and provided a base for storytelling. After graduating from university, Chris started writing full-time.

A brutal uprising in the Kingdom of Alluvia has shaken the Allied Lands – and Emily finds herself accused of starting it. Desperate, all too aware the kingdom is on the verge of becoming a vortex of chaos, Emily travels to Alluvia in the hopes of calming both sides long enough to secure peace…
…Unaware that the uprising is merely the first step in a plan to shatter the Allied Lands beyond repair.

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