The Ring Of Sheba by Mel Odom


The Ring Of Sheba by Mel Odom
English | 2018 | Historical Fantasy | ePUB | 736 KB

Ngola Kilunaji, self-made captain of Mambele, hunts Portuguese slavers along the dangerous coastline of West Africa as part of Great Britain’s West Africa Squadron. Aided by his second in command, Irishman Colin Drury, and his loyal crew, Ngola fights for freedom against cruel enemies…and monsters.

Drums of Ogbanje: After his wife and young son are captured by Portuguese slavers, Ngola tracks down the slave ship that has them and crosses paths with Lukamba, a sorcerer with the power to draw the dead from their graves.

The Ring of Sheba: While tracking Bartolomeu Machado Jorge, an old enemy, Ngola follows the slaver captain into dangerous interior lands where legend has it the shadows have teeth and a thirst for blood.

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