The Rise of the Fairy Queen by Gemma Perfect

The Rise of the Fairy Queen

The Rise of the Fairy Queen by Gemma Perfect (The Fairy Queen Trilogy Book 1)
English | 2020| Young Adult| ePUB | 2.9 MB

• With both her parents dead, fairy princess Elsie has been locked up in the castle since she was ten years old •
Now she’s sixteen she’s been given her freedom to leave the kingdom and marry a man she’s never met.
But on the journey across the seas she finds out about the horror and abuse her step parents are inflicting on the fairy kingdom. She decides to forgo her freedom so she can save the kingdom she once called home.
Her return sparks a rebellion, an uprising, a battle like the kingdom has never seen before.
★ Will Elsie defeat her evil step parents and reign triumphant or die trying? ★

She cannot help but shudder, a tremble that runs through her entire body, and she turns to Meg, excitement shining in her eyes. It looks a little grubby: she touches her cloak, a dark grey velvet that won’t show the dirt, at least, and moves closer to the tavern. She can hear raucous laughter, shouting and music, despite the early hour and cannot help the rush of joy that fills her.

She is determined to live a different life now that she’s free. She squares her shoulders and walks towards the noise. Meg is right beside her.

There’s a sign outside, hanging askew, FINE WINES AND ALES. Nobody believes that lie; there is nothing fine about the place: it’s a dump. The place doesn’t even have a name; that’s the only sign, and it’s not even straight.

As Elsie gets closer the door slams open and a group of loud, laughing men spill out into the chilly air. She drinks in the sight of them. Fairies. Drunk fairies, but people still. Talking, laughing, moving. They can barely stand up straight, let alone walk and, suddenly, her heart is beating loud enough for her to hear it. They turn away from her, staggering the other way, and relief almost makes her knees buckle. She turns to Meg, sees the expression of amusement on her face, and sighs. 

“I’m going in.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Meg says.

“As if you could.”

Elsie pushes open the door to the tavern, the heat and stink of ale making her take a step back. It’s strong enough to knock the uninitiated out, and her eyes are watering from the reek. She breathes through her mouth so she cannot smell it and steps inside. 

The noise and the smell hit Elsie afresh and the gloominess. She can barely see through the fog of smoke and the dim lanterns with grubby glass. 

There are too many people and not enough room; she gets jostled and takes a step to the side, knocking into someone else. “Sorry.” She turns as she apologises and takes a step away from the man – he’s the tallest, ugliest brute she’s ever seen, and he grins at her, showing his lack of teeth – and promptly bumps into someone else. 

She cannot help but sigh at how ridiculous it is, as she heads for the only empty table she can see. The men and women all fall silent as they watch her.

Aware of the silence she keeps her head down, holding her arms close to her sides, so she doesn’t hit anybody else, making sure her wings don’t flutter madly, which they do when she’s scared, and refusing to meet anybody’s eyes. 

The noise starts up again, and Elsie breathes a sigh of relief. If the sights she has seen in here so far are anything to go by, she can’t be that interesting to any of them.

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