The River Runs Deep by Mark Richards

 The River Runs Deep

The River Runs Deep: A Yorkshire Coast Crime Thriller (Michael Brady Book 2) by Mark Richards
English |2021 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

In the spring of 2016 I suffered the latest in a long line of mid-life crises and invited my youngest son to come for a walk with me. That led to ‘Father, Son and the Pennine Way’ – the first of three books ostensibly about walking, but really about my ever-changing relationship with my son. …And now – in September 2020 – I’ve turned my attention to novels. ‘Salt in the Wounds’ in the first book in the Michael Brady series and, when that’s finished, I’ll look to develop two other crime series.

Good people do bad things Bad people do good things Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference… Gina’s body has floated down the River Esk. She was a farmer’s wife. And it looks like an accident. But Michael Brady has his doubts. Brady’s back in the police – and he needs to prove himself. Is it murder? Or does Brady need it to be murder? It’s a year since his wife died. He’s feeling lonely. And he’s still trying to balance being a single dad and being a Detective Chief Inspector.

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