The Rogue of Sevado

The Rogue of Sevado

The Rogue of Sevado by Rick A Allen (Star Riders #2)
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB |2.1 MB

From an isolated planet in the grip of an all-controlling government, one rogue pilot will risk everything to seek out a world beyond her own.

When an alien world discovers the Star Rider network, its autocratic government decides to keep it a secret and maintain rigid control over every aspect of their people’s lives. But one strong-minded pilot rises above her lonely post to reach out to the aliens of the Nodal Community. What will happen when she is discovered?

Meanwhile, the Nodal Community plunges into chaos after their founding world has been banned from travel by the aloof Star Riders. Other worlds jockey for position in the resulting power vacuum – some races are even willing to kill to advance their positions. Two humans race across four planets, pursued by fierce alien assassins and unaware of why they are targeted.

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