The Role Model by Daniel Hurst

 The Role Model

The Role Model: A shocking psychological thriller with several twists by Daniel Hurst
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

Daniel Hurst is the author of the bestselling psychological thriller, Til Death Do Us Part, as well as The Influencing Trilogy and the 20 Minute Series.

Heather is a single mum who has always done what’s best for her daughter, Chloe. From birth up to the age of seventeen, Chloe has never been any trouble, until one night when she calls her mother with some shocking news. There’s been an accident. And now there’s a dead body… As always, Heather puts her daughter’s safety before all else, but this is one time when she goes too far. Instead of calling the emergency services, Heather hides the body, saving her child from police interviews and public outcry. But as Heather knows, everything she does has an impact on Chloe’s behaviour, and as time goes on and the pair struggle to keep their sordid secret hidden, Heather begins to think that she hasn’t been such a good mum after all. In fact, she might have been the worst role model ever…

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