The Rules by Richard K Fox

The Rules

The Rules by Richard K Fox (Jastine Chase Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

A broken rule. A daughter’s rage. How far will she go to get justice?
Trained to be the ultimate operator, Jastine Chase left the Army with a bitter taste in her mouth. Realizing the Army was not ready to accept her into the top tier of special operations, she now struggles to find her way.
When Jastine receives a phone call about her father’s death, she rushes home to find clues that just might lead to the top levels of the government.
Can Jastine expose her father’s killer before they find her?

Central Oregon in the winter was more harsh and unforgiving than the brochures of Mt. Bachelor would have most believe. The pictures of fresh powder, happy families skiing, and sharing hot cocoa around a fireplace was window dressing for the nearly three-million people who visited Bend, Oregon every year. Bend was still a beautiful place, but the reality on the surrounding ranches was much less pleasant. Not that Max minded the harsh, whipping wind and the layer of frost and ice that collected on his beard within minutes of stepping outside. The way Max saw it, the harder you had to be to live in a certain place, the less likely you’d have to deal with tourists and city folk.

Max wasn’t an unfriendly person by nature, but after a lifetime of flying from one conflict to another around the globe serving his country, his patience with civilians had run dry. He just wanted to enjoy the quiet of the ranch and get his work done. If he got this section of the fence mended before sunset he’d have a few hours to read by the fireplace before sleep. Most people would consider his life boring, but Max didn’t really care what most people thought. If you weren’t already Max’s friend or family, chances are you never would be.

Max was a hard man, personally and professionally. After serving in the Army for twenty-four years, most of which were as a tier 1 special forces operator, he just wanted some time to himself and quiet. Max had two core rules. Always do what is right and never compromise. It was a simple code that didn’t mesh well with modern society, so he stayed to himself rather than compromise his beliefs. Not that it mattered. No one cared what he did anymore. After all he was an old man now and a lifetime of hard duty had worn him down.

He remembered a time when he could work a full day and still have enough time and energy to run into town and grab a beer and dinner at the tavern. He still got into town to meet up with the guys once or twice a week, but that was less and less frequent. Max’s ranch, or more accurately, his daughter’s ranch wasn’t a major production operation. It was more of a passed down reminder of Max’s wife’s roots. It had been in her family for generations and he’d taken over running it only after she’d died. That’s when he retired from active duty to raise their daughter Jastine. Now he kept up the property, bred various small livestock, and produced fleece for regional yarn producers. That was his wife Rebecca’s idea. She was a lifetime knitter and saw the potential in that industry.

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