The Run by Tyler Wolfe

The Run

The Run by Tyler Wolfe
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 275 Kb

The Run: Caught within the imbalance of his marriage, work life, and haunting childhood memories; Carter routinely takes to his neighborhood streets to relieve stress with a nightly run. One particularly hot Florida night, he finds he’s not alone. An unexpected deadly encounter quickly turns Carter’s life upside-down, forcing him to make choices he might later regret.

“I remember running down the length of Fernery, past dozens of houses and a few empty lots, and everything was right as rain. I felt relaxed. It was a quiet normal night, with no dogs and no issues. When I got to the T-intersection at the far end I’d say I was even in a good mood.

The street cutting left from the end of Fernery led around a long, shallow curve to another road running roughly parallel to it. That road then intersected a few blocks away from our place. The route was only about two miles total and it didn’t exactly have the best scenery, but was perfect for me. Just long enough to let me keep in shape and burn off some stress.

Unfortunately, that one particular night wasn’t much of a stress reliever at all—more like a stress inducer and a lucid nightmare combined.

Something unspeakable happened that night. Something that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. I see it in my sleep and sometimes, with almost the same clarity, when I’m awake.

If there was ever a night in my life I wish I could get a do-over for, it’d be that one.

Perhaps a second chance to rethink my actions, to start my run a few minutes earlier or later, or maybe not go running at all.

Better to knock around the house with my stress brimming over than to deal with what happened that night.”

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