The Saltwater Marathon by Jonathan Chateau (ePUB)(MOBI)

The Saltwater Marathon by Jonathan Chateau

English | 2015 |Horror/Thriller | Series: N/A | 797 KB

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Bryan Combs is a cheater.

Broke a pact with his loving wife, Sirena. Put off having kids. Made her second to his management career. Distanced himself from her. Then slept with his seductive boss, Carmela.

That’s when Sirena broke. Fell into a depression so deep, she took her life by driving her car into the Atlantic. Her body was never recovered.

Fast forward six months later. The fling has ended. The career Bryan once revered is now a meaningless existence. He finds brief solace in the form of sneakers and bottles. Running and drinking. But neither seems to quell the guilt for long.

Bryan opts for late night shifts at the mall, often drinking himself to sleep in the back office of his once beloved job.

This is the norm. This is the pattern. Sulking after hours. Walking the mall at midnight. Passing out on the cold linoleum floor.

But all of that changes one morning.

The morning they show up – strangers at his office door. Smashing their fists. Screaming. Waking him from his drunken stupor. Begging for him to let them in. Begging as if their lives depended on it. Begging him to open the door because they’re not alone and need somewhere to hide.

Is this some elaborate joke? Is this a prank put on by Carmela? Bryan wouldn’t be sure until he let them in.

And once he does, he soon witnesses for himself what has these people so afraid, so panicked, that he finds it impossible to stay caught in his own circle of self-loathing.