The Scot’s Pursuit by Keira Montclair (Highland Swords #3)

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The Scot’s Pursuit by Keira Montclair (Highland Swords #3)
English | 2020 | Romance, Historical| ePUB | 1.4 MB

Alick Grant has never been the kind of man to do thing by halves. When he meets Branwen Denton, he’s instantly smitten—so much so that he asks for her hand in marriage. But Branwen’s sire is a cruel man who delights in harming her, and he refuses the offer. Alick is determined to help her, and woo her…until someone kidnaps his mother.

Branwen’s life has been dark and lonely since her mother’s death. Alick Grant is a beacon of a brighter future. But her sire would never willingly allow her to be happy. He promises her to a much older man with six children, and with Alick distracted by his mother’s kidnapping and other dangers, he attempts to push her into the match.

Branwen must find and harness her inner strength in order to fight her father and secure her destiny. But can she and Alick hope to find happiness amidst such turmoil?

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