The Scrumptious Scones Cookbook by Sharon Powell

 The Scrumptious Scones Cookbook

The Scrumptious Scones Cookbook: It’s Simply Delicious! by Sharon Powell
English | 2021 |Non-Fiction > Food & Drink| ePUB |11 MB

Scones are small bread-like cakes whose primary ingredients include flour and butter. They can be both sweet and savory. The most basic and classic scones originated in the United Kingdom many years ago and are still widely enjoyed to this day. They are traditionally eaten with jam, clotted cream and are most popular during tea time. You can spice up your simple tea parties with the perfect scone. Yeah, biscuits are nice but scones are elite!
In this recipe book, you will find scones of all kinds with a variety of different ingredients that will suit your every need. A wonderful advantage of this book is that it uses easy to acquire, staple, and local ingredients that will be readily available to you anywhere. Contrary to popular belief, scones are not at all hard and crumbly. You can try out some of the recipes in this book to make the most delicious, soft, flaky, buttery scones for everyone to enjoy!

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