The Secret BBQ Sauce Business by Chloe Tucker

The Secret BBQ Sauce Business

The Secret BBQ Sauce Business: The Only BBQ Sauces You’ll Need with or without a Business by Chloe Tucker
English |2021 |Food & Drink| ePUB | 9.9 MB

We love a good BBQ as much as the next person, but what is it really like without a good sauce? We’d like to love it unconditionally, but the reality is far from it. BBQ without a good sauce is just sad, whether you’re having a family BBQ or serving customers at your restaurant. Thus, we’ve created this cookbook with enough secret sauces to keep you busy for many months and even years to come! We’ve also just made sure that all of your BBQs are a major success by eliminating any chances of a weird and disgusting sauce ruining your beautifully grilled and braised meat, so you’re welcome! We’ve got Mustard Barbecue Sauce, Alabama White Barbecue Sauce, and Bourbon Chicken Barbecue Sauce, just to name a couple. Don’t worry; we’re not worried about giving away the names because it’s the sauces and their flavors that count!

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