The Secret of the Motel series Box Set by Lincoln Taylor

The Secret of the Motel series Box Set

The Secret of the Motel series Box Set by Lincoln Taylor (#1-5)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 8.3 MB

The 5 short stories of The Secret of the Motel series are included in one box set!

Book 1:
After the worst date of all time, Rebecca finds herself on the run and in possession of a key. With no door in sight and no other place to hide, she stumbles into Freeman Motel, where people aren’t quite right. Other guests appear almost frozen. The receptionist is creepy. The hot guy staying there is a little too perceptive… Under a fake name, Rebecca begins to uncover the motel’s secrets and finds more pieces of the puzzle than she was looking for.

Book 2:
After a daring but botched escape, Rebecca and Jake team up to fight Candy and her motel gang. While none of their plans seem to succeed, romance certainly does. Unable to deny their thirst for each other or for vengeance, Rebecca and Jake gear up for the next battle.

Book 3:
With pressures mounting, Rebecca and Jake become increasingly desperate to wriggle from Candy’s grasp. Always one step ahead, the receptionist from hell knows how to use a knife and push some buttons. Their rescue plan hangs by a thread, and people’s lives dangle in the balance. Rebecca uncovers more mysteries and more questions about how deep the blood truly runs, but will it matter if she can’t piece together what’s right in front of her?

Book 4:
After narrowly escaping Candy’s goon in a wild shootout, Rebecca and Jake make it to the safehouse with Kate. The idea was simple: ditch the car and make a plan. The car was handled easy enough, but when trouble knocks on their not so safe door, they get more than they could have ever bargained for.

Book 5:
After the horrible and carnage left in the safehouse, Holden joins Jake and Rebecca in the final fight against Candy. Ready to take down a conspiracy, they formulate the ultimate plan to stop the Night Cobras and liberate the prisoners before they succumb to even more horror at the Freeman Motel. Armed and dangerous, will Rebecca meet Candy’s treachery blow-for-blow or suffer endlessly?

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