The Secret Seven Book 6 by Joseph Daniel

The Secret Seven Book 6

The Secret Seven Book 6 by Joseph Daniel : Rebels
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Joseph is the author of the Horrendous Imaginings series, the Catastrophes of Columbus Ghould series, and the episodic novel Hoodwinked. He is also starting two new series (coming March-April) entitled Prison Breaker, and The Secret Seven.

The Secret Seven join the rebels, but it isn’t long before they understand the true price of war.
Tiny continues to warn Liam about the black soul gem, Molly sets an ambush for a prince, and Tanner fights to survive in his new prison.

Just silence. Tanner didn’t know for certain, but he suspected that whatever the thing was, it had something to do with this. And it was trying to find them.

Brother Levi had a finger pressed so hard to his lips that a white crease formed around the digit, the pale pink turning the same color as his cheek.

Tanner didn’t need a second invitation. He stayed silent, not moving, not speaking, not even shifting his head, his neck fixed in place, his eyes still turned back, as he peered through the trees.

This ominous silence continued for nearly a minute. And then, slowly, like a tide reluctantly ushering across grains of sand, noise returned in a slow, bubbling spurt.

Tanner felt a whisper of sensation up his spine, a chill creeping down from his neck. He glanced from Brother Levi—his sworn enemy once upon a time—down to the dark cavern in the forest floor. “A trap?” he asked, barely mouthing the words. He distanced himself from the Octuplet with a hesitant step, glaring at the magician with the severest of distrust.

The magician glared back, still hidden in shadows from the trees, pressed against the nearest trunk, as if seeking some form of stability.

“Yes,” he snapped, “a trap. It will snare you if you step in and hold you until you rot.”

“How do you know?” Tanner demanded. He leaned over, peering even deeper into the dark cavern.

“Because,” said Brother Levi, clearing his throat importantly, though still speaking in a ghost of a voice, ‘I caused it.’ He gave a grim nod.

Tanner fidgeted, stepping even further away. The chill up his spine only worsened with proximity to the Octuplet. They had been hunted by the Prince’s fellowship for so long that Tanner didn’t know what to do now. It almost seemed as if the magician was offering him help.

‘Magic?’ Tanner murmured, eyeing the cavern suspiciously.

‘Of course,’ said Brother Levi with a nod.

In the distance, Tanner thought he heard a creak, like the sound of rusted hinges on an oak chest. But though the sound faded as well, the chill along his spine only increased in degree. He knew that soon, if they didn’t come up with something, the monster would find them. He shivered against the memories of Baron Haman’s screams.

‘Magic—magic works in here?’ he asked, his voice high-pitched. His eyes shuttered and blinked, his nervous tic claiming his expression.

The magician by the tree nodded, his face cast in degrees of dark. His handsome, angled features stood sharp. His hair was slick and somehow still combed, and he wore the same magician robes Tanner remembered from before, but around his neck, where he had once carried a black gemstone amulet, now only an empty chain dangled.

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