The Secret Seven Book 7 by Joseph Daniel

The Secret Seven Book 7

The Secret Seven Book 7: Heroics by Joseph Daniel
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Joseph is the author of the Horrendous Imaginings series, the Catastrophes of Columbus Ghould series, and the episodic novel Hoodwinked. He is also starting two new series (coming March-April) entitled Prison Breaker, and The Secret Seven.

Prince Malachi is on the move, an army at his back and revenge in his heart. Tanner finds himself freed from his prison, but only to face the consequences of their new fellowship. Molly and Liam set out in search of unlikely allies and set strategic ambushes to delay Malachi’s army and buy the rebels time.

Liam plodded along, preferring to listen rather than speak. But the huntmaster turned to his youngest son. “Liam, what do you think?”

Liam could feel his cheeks reddening. He wanted to cough into his hand, but instead, he cleared his throat and said, “Ummm… We can’t beat them. There are too many. Far, far too many.”

His father nodded but held his silence, allowing his youngest son to think and continue.

‘Perhaps we could lead them to those monsters that we discovered on the way here.’ Matthew was looking at their father, his gaze earnest, searching.

The huntmaster shook his head, though. He didn’t do it lightly, nor did it come with an air of dismissal. Rather, he seemed to weigh his boy’s words, considering carefully, but then reaching a disparate decision.

‘I don’t know that it would be wise to introduce an unknown enemy into this already tentative scenario.’ The huntmaster stroked his shaggy beard and passed a hand through his tangled, wild hair.

Ahead, Liam could make out the trail left by the villagers. Muddy footprints and ruts in the dirt from the wagon wheels all led beneath the awning of branches.

Liam wasn’t sure how long it would take to catch up with the rest of the fleeing villagers. His other brothers—four of them—were helping Dyler and Moriah lead the survivors of Feyling’s Watch back to Ashban. But it wouldn’t be long before Ashban would be a far more dangerous place than the prison camp had ever been.

Liam returned his attention over his shoulder, along the grassy hills, towards the red terrain, streaked with glimmers of sunlight through the partially clouded sky.

The dragons continued to bob and dip, catching some rays, their scales glinting, harkening the approaching beasts.

Liam missed Tiny, his own dragon friend.

He sighed and regarded his oldest brother. ‘What monstrous creatures?’ he said, glancing at Matthew. The words came practically unbidden from his lips, and yet, Liam felt a twisting in his stomach as he spoke.

He shook his head. Sometimes, it felt like he was speaking thoughts not quite his own. This had happened ever since joining a fellowship with the rest of the Secret Seven. But now, even more so, Liam was feeling invading thoughts in his mind. Unfamiliar, strange thoughts. As if, somehow, something else had found its way into the shared space. When he checked, the lake of source seemed to have doubled, and the magic at their disposal seemed different, somehow. Stranger. Liam was feeling headaches every now and then as well. He attributed these to the heat. There wasn’t much he could do. Not now.

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